Gaps Solitaire

Gaps Solitaire is one of my personal favorite solitaire card games... and I've played a lot of different solitaire card games. In Gaps Solitaire the entire 52 card deck is dealt into 4 rows, and the 2s are moved to the far left of each of the rows. The Aces are then removed, which creates gaps in the row. Each one of these gaps can be filled by 2 card, unless there is a King to the right of the gap, or more than one gap next to each other. The two cards that can fill a typical gap are the card that is of the same suit, but one less than the card to the right of the gap, or the card that is of the same suit but one more than the card to the left of the gap. The player's goal is to arrange the cards in order from left to right by suit. If the player gets stuck, he can shuffle all the cards that are not currently in order from left to right. The cards that will not be shuffled are highlighted in this game.

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