Spider Solitaire (old version)

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Spider Solitaire is a two deck column based solitaire card game, where the player attemts to build down a column from King to Ace without regard to suit. When a player has a column with exactly 13 cards built down from King to Ace, it is removed from play. The player wins when all of the cards in the two decks have been removed from play. In Spider Solitaire, the player can only move cards that are 'fully packed'. This means that the player can not just grab any series of cards from a column. The player can either take the top card, or he can take the full series of cards that is buit down in order, from the very top card in that sequence. When the player can no longer make moves from within the columns, there is a stock pile of cards the player can use to deal an additional card to each of the columns.